Research work

Understanding effect of dopants on transport properties of semiconductors

Substitutional and interstitial dopants were used to tailor the transport properties like electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and seebeck coefficient in semiconductors. Various material characterization techniques (XAS, XPS, RBS, SEM-EDX, etc.) and simulation techniques were used.

Effect of interfaces on thermoelectric device efficiency

Metal-semiconductor interfaces were studied and tailored for improving efficiency of thermoelectric devices made from semiconductor materials. Diffusion, interfacial phase formations and chemical intermixing were studied using various techniques (RBS, SEM, finite element modelling, etc.)

Effect of doping in nanoscale device

Nanoscale device were created using techniques like CVD and e-beam lithography, and subsequently doped to change material properties. Cryogenic electrical measurements and modelling were performed to understand changes in material properties.


Thesis presentation